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While we specialize in Timber Frame and Post Frame buildings as well as commercial and municipal buildings we are building a wide variety of outdoor structures. See our gallery for examples of our work.

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What We Do

Our timber frame and other work is specialized for you, our customer. It seems many people today are fascinated with the “old fashioned” way of building, especially when it comes to barns and barn like structures. One of the ways of barn building that is handed down from one generation to another is timber frame construction.

What is timber frame construction? It is a method of building with heavy timbers that are carefully fitted and joined, and is commonplace in wooden buildings from as early as the 19th century (Wikipedia). If you’d like to learn more about timber framing take a look at an article “What is Timber Framing” at story.com.

There are many advantages in a timber frame or post and beam structure including the appeal of beautiful, exposed wood. So when we build using this method we are careful to make that part of the overall appeal of the structure. Help us design your building today!

At Level Edge Construction our top priority is to give our customers a favorable experience. How do we get there? We provide a team of professionals and experienced carpenters that guide the project from start to finish. We aim for a strong customer service experience from start to finish and promise to deliver only high-quality work.


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